Version: 1.0
File Date: 8-29-02
Licensing: Freeware

showstat is a command-line program that displays Notes server statistics, just like the "Show Statistics" command will do at the server console. You can get the statistics for the local machine or a remote server, and you can filter statistics by using a wildcard filter.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Lotus Notes Client 4.6 or higher

Known Problems
Sometimes when you run this program and the Notes client isn't already running in the background, remote servers that aren't registered in DNS or HOSTS (and have to be accessed through connection docs) will error out with "Notes API Error: The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host". I don't know why. Occasionally when this happens, you can run the program against another server, and then try the non-responsive server and it will work. It's some strange API issue.

download showstat (18KB)