Version: 1.1
File Date: 12-28-03
Licensing: Freeware

ntimeset is a command-line program that allows you to display and optionally synchronize the current Notes time and the current OS time. The server time can often drift on Notes/Domino servers that have been running for quite some time, and while you can easily reset the OS time on the server, it's not so easy to reset the Notes server time. This program allows you to do so programmatically.

WARNING: Be careful when you use this program on a Notes server, because if you adjust the Notes server time while processes are running you may get unpredictable results. To be as safe as possible, you should run this program during off-hours, while no users are on the server and while the fewest number of regular server processes are running.

Version 1.1 was the first open source release of this program. You can download the source code from the link below. Eventually, I'd like for this to become a project that is maintained on the OpenNTF site.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Lotus Notes Client or Server 4.6 or higher

Known Problems

download ntimeset (15KB)
download ntimeset source code (18KB)

An example of how to do this with a LotusScript agent is also available on this site.