Version: 1.0a
File Date: 8-30-02
Licensing: Freeware

nrcon allows you to make remote console calls to a Notes server from a DOS prompt. Because it runs outside of the Notes client, you can have a remote console session with one or more servers (open a separate DOS prompt for each server) while you're doing other things in the client.

This program does NOT act as a "live" console, so you won't receive updates to the console screen as they happen. It simply sends console commands to a server and receives the response. However, because it is not a live console you can leave an nrcon remote console session "open" for as long as you want, because it only sends and receives information from the server when you enter a command.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Lotus Notes Client 4.6 or higher

Known Problems

Version 1.0a
1. Fixed problem where console data sent to a file with the /o option would get buffered and not be sent to the output file right away

download nrcon (20KB)