Version: 1.2
File Date: 12-24-03
Licensing: Freeware

dbActivity is a command-line program that outputs the User Activity Log for a database. You can filter the log by user name (using wildcard characters) and by date (using a start day, or an end day, or neither, or both). You also have the option to output the information in comma-delimited format, for easier programmatic analysis or reporting later.

Version 1.1 was the first open source release of this program. You can download the source code from the link below. Eventually, I'd like for this to become a project that is maintained on the OpenNTF site.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Lotus Notes Client 4.6 or higher

Known Problems

download dbActivity (20KB)
download dbActivity source code (33KB)

because there seem to be problems using the NSFSearch API function in ND6 and 6.5, here's a link to an older version of dbActivity as well that doesn't use NSFSearch. It doesn't allow wildcard searches of databases either, but it may work better in ND6. If you need to run this against a number of different databases, you should probably either run the newer program version from an R5 client on your workstation or refer to the tips that Jerry Carter put together about running this program in batch mode.

dbActivity version 1.0 (20KB)