The Lotus Notes C API is full of really good information about some of the lower-level functionality of Notes, and it's got all the tools you need to create and compile your own Notes utilities in C. It's available on the LDD site somewhere, although I'm afraid to put a hard link to it from here because it tends to move around a bit.

The C API also comes with the source code for a bunch of sample programs, so you can have examples of working programs to help you on your programming way. Some of the samples are neat little programs unto themselves, so I've compiled a few of the more interesting ones into Win32 binaries for you to use.

Please keep in mind that I did not write these programs, and I do not offer any kind of support for them. All I did was compile the source from the C API so that you can try them out without having to compile them yourself. They are all copyright Lotus Development Corporation (which I guess is now technically just IBM).

All the programs I compiled are listed below, with the directory path that they're in under the "samples" directory that's created when you install the Notes C API. Each ZIP file is the compiled binary and its associated README file. If you want any more information about any of the programs (including the source code), please download and install the C API for yourself. These are all from the 5.06 API, except for secdom.dll, which is from the ND6 API (although it may still run properly on R5).

All of these programs should be copied to and run from your Notes program directory.

Samples you can download from here:

path/namesize readme filedescription
admin\find_dbs(24KB) readme summary information about databases in a directory
admin\secdom(14KB) readme authenticates a Domino web user via an NT user account, using DSAPI (you can also compile this on a UNIX box and use UNIX accounts)
advsrvr\cluster(26KB) readme Windows Domino cluster monitor
basic\capierr(70KB) readme deciphers decimal and hex API error codes
basic\summary(25KB) readme displays summary data of all notes in a database
dbdesign\des_coll(16KB) readme lists the title and type of all design elements in a database
dbdesign\runmacro(22KB) readme runs a filter or background agent in a database
mail\namebook(15KB) readme lists all Address Books used by local client or remote server
mail\sendmail(19KB) readme allows you to compose and send a message using Mail Gateway functions
mail\sendmemo(16KB) readme allows you to compose and send a message using NSF functions
misc\nsf_dump(86KB) readme displays amazing amounts of information about notes in a database
richtext\dumpfont(15KB) readme displays font tables for all notes in a database
server\statdemo(16KB) readme server add-in that periodically sends stats to a database
views\namelook(26KB) readme looks up names in an Address Book
views\viewsumm(25KB) readme displays summary information about all notes in a view