Version: 1.0
File Date: 10-03-02
Licensing: Freeware

This is a Microsoft Access database that allows you to import Domino web server text logs (in Common Log Format) into an Access table, and produce some basic reports on web server usage (see this tip for some basic information about setting up Notes web server logging). This database isn't a full-featured application so much as it is an example of how to parse Notes web server logs and generate reports from them. You will want to customize it to create reports for your own purposes.

I used MS Access for this project simply because it's generally available, it has better built-in reporting features than Notes does (graphs, charts, etc.), and the Visual Basic code in the database should be understandable to LotusScript programmers. The VB code in the database should translate easily to LotusScript, so you could create a Lotus Notes database with similar import functionality based on the code here. You could also use a reporting tool like Webalizer or Analog, both of which run on multiple platforms and are able to read web server logs in Common Log Format.

Microsoft Access 2000 or higher

Known Problems

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