Version: 1.3
File Date: 8-26-02
Licensing: Freeware

ScriptSearch is a command-line program that allows you to search all the agents and script libraries in one or more Lotus Notes databases for a specified search term. If you're running a Notes R5 or higher client, you also have the option of recompiling any agents or script libraries that match.

You can search local databases, or databases on a remote Notes server. Unless you specify otherwise with a *.nsf or *.ntf filter in the database name, both Notes databases and database templates are searched. You can also use wildcard characters to search only a specified group of databases (like "mail\*.nsf"). See the README file that's zipped up with the executable for plenty of usage examples.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Lotus Notes Client 4.6 or higher (R5 or higher for recompile option)

Known Problems
I've had problems with the recompile option on one of my Windows 2000 workstations (occasional crashes). I read that they fixed a problem with the NSFNoteLSCompile API function in the 5.0.10 client, but upgrading to that version didn't seem to help me. Haven't had that problem on Windows 98 or NT.

Version 1.3
1. Fixed potential bug using brackets in wildcard database names
2. Fixed problem where NotesMain interpreted a search string starting with an equals sign (=) as a command-line argument indicating an alternate NOTES.INI file

download ScriptSearch (22KB)