Option Public Option Explicit '** Notes C-API functions Declare Function OSPathNetConstruct Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval portName As Integer, _ Byval serverName As String, Byval fileName As String, Byval pathName As String) As Integer Declare Function NSFDbOpen Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval dbName As String, hDb As Long) As Integer Declare Function NSFDbClose Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval hDb As Long) As Integer Declare Function NSFNoteDelete Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval hDb As Long, Byval NoteID As Long, _ Byval flags As Integer) As Integer Declare Function OSLoadString Lib "nnotes.dll" (Byval hModule As Long, Byval stringCode As Integer, _ Byval retBuffer As String, Byval bufferLength As Integer) As Integer '** Error code masks Const ERR_MASK = &H3fff Const PKG_MASK = &H3f00 Const ERRNUM_MASK = &H00ff '** Notes Update flags Const UPDATE_FORCE = 0001 'update even if ERR_CONFLICT Const UPDATE_NAME_KEY_WARNING = 0002 'give error if new field name defined Const UPDATE_NOCOMMIT = 0004 'do NOT do a database commit after update Const UPDATE_NOREVISION = 0256 'do NOT maintain revision history Const UPDATE_NOSTUB = 0512 'update body but leave no trace of note in file if deleted Const UPDATE_INCREMENTAL = 16384 'Compute incremental note info Const UPDATE_DELETED = 32768 'update body DELETED Sub Initialize '** a simple test of APIStublessDelete, if you happen to have a NoteID you want to delete Dim hexNoteID As String hexNoteID = Inputbox$("Please enter a valid NoteID for deletion, using Hex notation:") If (hexNoteID = "") Then Print "Nothing entered. Exiting." Exit Sub End If Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim result As String Set db = session.CurrentDatabase result = APIStublessDelete(db, hexNoteID) If (result = "") Then Print "Successfully deleted NoteID " & hexNoteID Else Print result End If End Sub Function APIStublessDeleteWrapper (doc As NotesDocument) As String '** a very simple wrapper around the APIStublessDelete function, if you '** just want to pass a NotesDocument as a parameter APIStublessDeleteWrapper = APIStublessDelete(doc.ParentDatabase, doc.NoteID) End Function Function APIStublessDelete (db As NotesDatabase, hexNoteId As String) As String '** This function will attempt to delete a document in a Notes database without '** leaving a deletion stub behind. When dealing directly with Notes, you'll generally '** get a NoteID as a Hex number (for example, using NotesDocument.NoteID), '** so this function expects you to pass a Hex number String as a NoteID. '** You can also remove a deletion stub with this function, provided you know its '** NoteID (available using NotesPeek or DelStubs) '** If you plan to do a large number of deletions using this method, you'll probably '** want to use NSFDbOpen to open the database, and leave the handle open '** during all of your deletions, instead of opening and closing the database '** a bunch of times '** by Julian Robichaux, http://www.nsftools.com On Error Goto processError Dim hDb As Long Dim convertID As Long Dim pathName As String*256 Dim result As Integer '** create a proper network path name with OSPathNetConstruct Call OSPathNetConstruct(0, db.Server, db.FilePath, pathName) '** open the database and get a handle with NSFDbOpen result = NSFDbOpen(pathName, hDb) If result <> 0 Then APIStublessDelete = "Cannot open database " & db.FilePath & " on server " & db.Server & _ ". Error was " & Cstr(result) & ": " & GetAPIError(result) Exit Function End If '** convert the NoteID from Hex to Long, and strip off the flag if this is a deletion stub convertID = Clng(Val("&H" & hexNoteId)) And &H7FFFFFFF '** delete the note (using the NoteID of the doc) using UPDATE_NOSTUB to do a "stubless" delete result = NSFNoteDelete(hDb, convertID, UPDATE_NOSTUB Or UPDATE_FORCE) If result <> 0 Then APIStublessDelete = "Unable to delete doc" & _ ". Error was " & Cstr(result) & ": " & GetAPIError(result) End If closeDb: Call NSFDbClose(hDb) endOfFunction: Exit Function processError: APIStublessDelete = "Notes error " & Err & " occurred: " & Error$ If (hDb > 0) Then Call NSFDbClose(hDb) End If Exit Function End Function Function GetAPIError (errorCode As Integer) As String Dim errorString As String*256 Dim returnErrorString As String Dim resultStringLength As Long Dim errorCodeTranslated As Integer '** mask off the top 2 bits of the errorCode that was returned; this is '** what the ERR macro in the API does errorCodeTranslated = (errorCode And ERR_MASK) '** get the error code translation using the OSLoadString API function resultStringLength = OSLoadString(0, errorCodeTranslated, errorString, Len(errorString) - 1) '** strip off the null-termination on the string before you return it If (Instr(errorString, Chr(0)) > 0) Then returnErrorString = Left$(errorString, Instr(errorString, Chr(0)) - 1) Else returnErrorString = errorString End If GetAPIError = returnErrorString End Function
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