Here are some downloads and information about presentations I've given at conferences. This page is constantly under construction. I'll be adding links for some of the sessions I've given at View conferences too.

Lotusphere 2006: Java Jumpstart for the Domino Developer
I did this session with Tom Duff. We discussed some strategies for learning Java if you are a Lotus Notes developer.

Lotusphere 2007: ID212, How To 'Sell' Notes/Domino Inside Your Organization
I did this session with Ed Brill. It's not code, it's strategies for being a Lotus Notes evangelist inside your company, and how to make sure the managers and other departments in your corporation know how valuable the technology is.

Lotusphere 2007: BP312, Trap and Manage Your LotusScript Errors
I did this session with Rob McDonagh. We discussed some general rules and techniques for error trapping in LotusScript code, and some specific techniques for how to use OpenLog as a general purpose error logging tool.

Lotusphere 2008: BP210, Charting, Graphing, and Reporting in Lotus Notes
I did this session with Rob McDonagh. We showed a lot of ways that you can create charts and graphs in Lotus Notes using open source tools and free code.

Lotusphere 2009: BP111, Charting and Graphing in Lotus Notes, 2.0
I did this session with Rob McDonagh. It was an update to last year's session, with new things like composite applications, sidebar apps, and XPages.

IAMLUG and UKLUG 2009: Free Your Data
At IAMLUG and UKLUG I gave a presentation that dealt with importing data in various formats (XML, CSV, ODBC, etc.) as well as exporting to things like spreadsheets and JSON and charts. The sample database I used with a lot of code examples is here:

Lotusphere 2010: SHOW110, Import! Export! Write a Report!
This was sort of an update to the graphing and charting session, but it was really more of a step-by-step guide to various ways of getting data in and out of Lotus Notes (similar to the "Free Your Data" session above, although with much more detail). We went through four different scenarios -- ODBC in, Symphony spreadsheet out; web service in, JFreeChart and Google chart out; XML in, JavaScript chart out; and CSV in, PDF (with embedded charts and tables) out -- with code for each. This is a good companion to the "Free Your Data" demo database.

Lotusphere 2010: BP213, Apple iPhone Development Served Two Ways
This presentation was an overview of how to create web pages that look good on an iPhone, as well as how to get started with XCode to develop your own native iPhone applications. There was, of course, some information and considerations specific to Lotus Domino too.