The October 2014 Blog
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Speaking At ConnectED! (Friday, Oct 31)
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Incredibly flattered and excited to be on the early announce list for the IBM ConnectED conference in January!

It's gonna be a great show. The session on that list is one I submitted with Kathy Brown as a co-speaker, where we'll be taking the fear out of Java programming on IBM Domino with concise, easy-to-understand (and useful!) examples. It's a brand new session, and we've got lots of ideas for code as well as integration topics.

Hurry up and register if you haven't already. I hope to see you there!

Clippings Article: The java.policy File (Thursday, Oct 2)
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My latest Clippings article is out. It is an overview and discussion of the java.policy file, how basic Java security policies work, and some of your options for using them in the context of IBM Notes and Domino.