The September 2014 Blog
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Clippings Articles on SocialBizUG (Thursday, Sep 18)
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Following up from yesterday, here is a list of my latest Clippings articles since the move to the new site:

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FAQs About Content (Wednesday, Sep 17)
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A few FAQs about content on this old, creaky website based on emails I've received.

A link in one of your old blog entries doesn't work. Will you fix it?

Okay, I suppose it would be polite to explain. I apologize for being snippy. Let's say "probably not".

Content on the Internet is transient. This blog has been around for just over 12 years, and some of the things I linked to in the past just aren't there anymore, or they have been moved somewhere else. That's just how it goes. For me to constantly track, look up, and try to fix those things... well, it's just not that important.

Besides, you can use Google just as well as I can. ;-)

In the special case of IBM Technotes that have seemingly vanished (for example, Technote 1305829 describing how to construct an extension.xml file for Widget deployment), I really do wish I had a hidden cache of archived knowledge that I can share with you, but I don't. I'm sorry. I am getting into the habit of saving useful Technotes as PDFs in case they disappear, and I suggest you do too.

Do you have new links to your old LotusUserGroup articles?
Unfortunately I do not. When the old website was retired in favor of, none of my old Clippings content got moved over to the new site. A few of my old articles have been republished at my request, but the SocialBizUG folks have told me that they're not planning to reprint my old stuff en masse.

I can't just reprint the old articles here either, because SocialBizUG more or less owns the content. I'm sorry and if that changes, I will let you know.

Where are the slides from the presentation you gave at ____________?
I do have a Presentations page here on the site, but it is woefully untended. I apologize for that too, and I also apologize for apologizing so much in this blog entry.

I will try to update that page soon because I think it's important, but in the meantime here are some presentations I've given most recently:

Did you stop blogging/podcasting? Can I have your stuff?
It's hard to say that you've ever "stopped" doing a thing, so much as you start doing it a lot less frequently. That's how I feel about blogging here or podcasting with Bruce. Sometimes you take a break. Maybe you come back to it later, maybe you don't. No big deal.

In the meantime, I'm still doing presentations and writing bi-monthly developer articles for Clippings, so that's something. And honestly, the stuff I do daily working on panagenda MarvelClient (sorry for the blatant plug, but that's what I do full time and it's really cool stuff) is either very esoteric or very product-centric, so it's hard to pull bits of that knowledge out and talk about it here.

That's all for now. Nice to see you again.