The August 2009 Blog
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Workspace-Type UI for Linux (Monday, Aug 31)
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My buddy Mark just installed the Jolicloud Linux OS on his netbook. I love the look-and-feel, but then again I'll always have a soft spot for Workspace-type UIs:

Jolicloud UI

Lotus Knows Podcast and Video Blitz (Friday, Aug 28)
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Do You Know Lotus

Bruce and I recorded a new podcast about the Lotus Knows marketing campaign yesterday, and Bruce already got it edited and pushed out for everyone to listen to. It was a good interview with IBM execs Alistair Rennie and Kevin Cavagnaugh, and the show notes also have a link to the new Lotus Knows Video Blitz website so go check that out too!

I think I like the second half of the podcast a little better, when we start talking a bit about resetting people's understanding about what the Lotus brand is and what the products do. Kevin and Alistair talk about "the modern Lotus" and the need to get the message to individuals as well as business execs, since there's an increasingly blurry line between work and home. All good things to think about when you're making your video for the blitz. ;-)

Sennheiser Headphones (and Domino Website!) (Wednesday, Aug 26)
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Sennheiser PC 156 USB Headset I just got a new headset microphone for the upcoming podcast that Bruce and I have with Kevin Cavanaugh and Alistair Rennie about the Lotus Knows marketing campaign. Well, that and because I was tired of my old headset and it's been making clicking noises.

The two main brands I was looking at (based on reviews and some small amount of research) were Plantronics and Sennheiser. I ended up getting a Sennheiser PC 156 USB Headset partially because it has 3.5mm audio plugs as well as a USB plug, and partially because Sennheiser has a Domino website.

Yeah, I realize that's probably a predictably irrational decision making process but hey, you gotta make a choice somehow.

Pronouncing "UNID" (Tuesday, Aug 25)
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There was a small amount of discussion on Twitter a few days ago on how to pronounce "UNID" (as in, Lotus Notes "Unique ID"). I knew I had seen a moderately authoritative source for that information once before, so I looked it up again.

Here is a short excerpt from the NotesPeek help file (circa 2000):

Unique IDs are sometimes also called Universal IDs, or simply UNIDs. "UNID" is pronounced uhn-eye-dee, not yoon-eye-dee.

A few things about this:

UPDATE: The plot thickens! In the comments, Bob Balaban claims precedence for "uhn-ihd":

I started hanging out @Iris as a Lotus employee in 1993. I worked onsite at Iris nearly full time for 3 1/2 years, and then, after Notes 4.0 shipped in Jan. 1996, I officially transferred and became an Iris employee.

I worked directly with all 4 of the Iris founders, and ALL of them said it un-ID, so I did too.

UPDATE #2: Ned Batchelder also left a comment, saying:

I wrote that line in the NotesPeek help file, but I'm afraid I can't defend it. I don't have a reason why it's pronounced that way. In fact the two possible words UN stands for (unique and universal) would both point to "yoon". Something tells me there's a comment in the source code that might explain the preference for "un".

To the source code we go! And by "we" I mean someone with actual access to the source code, of course...

Twouble With Twitters (Thursday, Aug 6)
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With Twitter fending off a DoS attack today, it might be a fine time to revisit this helpful video:

IamLUG, Good Times, and MicroBlogging (Thursday, Aug 6)
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I'm back, rested, and recovered from IamLUG, the free (as in beer) Lotus Notes conference in St. Louis. It was both incredibly well organized and a whole lot of fun. The speakers and sessions were top-notch, and IBM even used the conference as a vehicle for announcing the upcoming Lotus Knows marketing campaign -- listen to Chris Miller's podcast interview with Kevin Cavanaugh and Ed Brill for more details.

One of the interesting things I noticed is that Twitter has almost completely replaced live-blogging in sessions. You can often get tons of information on what's going on in a session even if you're not there, but where you used to get that info from blogs, you now have to look for it on Twitter. Microblogging has won that battle (or at least this round).

Of course, I suppose that's why Chris Miller -- IamLUG conference organizer and social networking fanatic -- was so tireless in telling everyone to use #IamLUG hashtags (for the wiffiti wall) and the IamLUG Flickr group. It's the only practical way to aggregate that sort of data.

Also, the people at the conference were fantastic. There were almost 200 people there, and Chris, Francie, and the rest of the organizational crew did a tremendous job of keeping everything running smoothly. And there was coffee all day! Be still my beating, over-caffeinated heart.

As for the other people (the attendee types), good times all around. I'm a bit afraid to name names for fear of leaving people out, but I will say that Henry Newberry brought some fine bourbon, John Roling brought some much-less-fine energy drinks, and @angryJohnny takes some terrible, horrible clandestine videos with his camera.