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LotusBeer London! (Monday, Jun 16)
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As Julian Woodward and Matt White have already announced, there will be a LotusBeer event in London this Thursday. Brother Julian has unofficially deemed me the "Keynote Drinker" (LOL!), which may be a polite way of saying "American lightweight"... we shall see...

I'll be in London this week for the View's 3-day Notes 8 Development Seminar, where Paul Calhoun and I will be telling people all about the cool new developer things you can do in Notes 8. Which also means that I'll be dragging Paul along with me -- kicking and screaming, I'm sure -- to the LotusBeer on Thursday night, so we both get to meet all the London Notes geeks. If you're in the area, please stop by and join the fun!