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Sex In The [Second] City (Saturday, Jun 30)
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Must... blog... in... June...

But what to talk about? Hmm. How's this:

We already know that there's no hitting in Second Life (Wenis told us so), and now apparently there's supposed to be no "broadly offensive content" in Second Life either.

Seems that there's plenty of sexual innuendo there already, including a rabbit-shaped Playboy island. So it's hard to say where they're going to draw the line. And I think that Stroker Serpentine has it right when he says that they can't really check everything grid-by-grid, so it's only going to be things that are reported by other people anyway.

Chris Byrne old buddy, if you want to offer your take on the whole thing I'll go ahead and link over to you later for additional commentary.

Okay, all better now. I have blogged.