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IMPORTANT: OpenLog and Disabling Lsi_Info (Friday, Mar 15)
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This is something that has come up a few times in the past, and I (and other people) have advised about it before, but it certainly bears repeating:

If you are using OpenLog with LotusScript on a Domino server, please set   NoLSIStackTrace=True

This is a global variable that determines whether or not the OpenLog code will use Lsi_info(14) to log LotusScript stack traces. IBM has found that the Lsi_Info function (which is part of the LotusScript language) can cause serious problems on the Domino server. You REALLY need to avoid calling this function on the server.

The good news is that (A) as far as I know it is still okay to use this on the Notes client, just not the server, and (B) if you are using OpenLog it is very easy to turn it off globally or on an agent-by-agent basis simply by setting   NoLSIStackTrace=True. The bad news is, well, you lose debugging info. But the good far outweighs the bad.

DO NOT PANIC. Just go into your OpenLog database, open the Initialize sub in the "OpenLog Functions" script library, and set the NoLSIStackTrace variable there. Then save and close and use the "Design" server task to push it out to all your databases that use OpenLog. There, you're done.

Don't get scared into thinking that you have to stop using OpenLog, just set the variable and push it out. That's the beauty of deploying script libraries using master templates.