From 2007 - 2015 I wrote bi-monthly developer articles for the and websites, but those websites don't exist anymore. The articles that still seem to hold some relevance have been listed below with links to PDF versions -- although of course all programming information on the Internet has a pretty short half-life, so the term "relevant" is certainly subjective.

Domino File Downloads
LotusUserGroup newsletter, March 2008
Tips for managing file downloads on an IBM Domino server, so files download faster and use less CPU.

Using LS2J
LotusUserGroup newsletter, May 2008
How to use the LS2J (LotusScript to Java) classes in LotusScript. I know not many people still write LotusScript code, but for those who do (and especially those who have to maintain it) this might be useful because the LS2J interface is hard to understand.

Getting Started with Regular Expressions in Java and JavaScript
LotusUserGroup newsletter, July 2011
Tips for getting started with regular expressions in Java and JavaScript, and some of the differences in the syntax between the two languages (because results may vary).

Troubleshooting XPages Local Preview
LotusUserGroup newsletter, March 2012
I had some weird problems with an XPage I was developing when I tried to test it using the local preview option, and this article describes my troubleshooting steps and the eventual cause of the problem.

Java Errors and Exceptions
LotusUserGroup newsletter, May 2012
A discussion of Java Errors and Exceptions, including what the difference between them is (you mean exceptions aren't errors?) and a story about a time that I explicitly had to catch a Throwable instead of an Exception on an XPage in order to see and deal with a problem.

Java Zip Files
LotusUserGroup newsletter, July 2012
How to use Java to read and write zip files. Note that this is all using Java 1.4, so some of the information is a bit old in terms of syntax and coding. Time marches on...

Adding Hover Help to DDE
SocialBizUG website, May 2013
Instructions for how to add Eclipse hover help to the Domino libraries in Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE), so you can see the JavaDocs for those classes just by hovering over the classes and methods (just like you can with the standard Java libraries).

DDE Code Templates
SocialBizUG website, July 2013
How to use Eclipse code templates with DDE.

Java Scrapbook Pages in DDE
SocialBizUG website, September 2013
How to use Eclipse Scrapbook pages with DDE.

Troubleshooting Embedded Sametime 9
SocialBizUG website, November 2013
An exciting story about problems I had trying to install the embedded Sametime 9 client in IBM Notes 9 -- okay, maybe not exciting, but you get tips on how to troubleshoot failed plugin installs, so there's that.

Working with Images in Java
SocialBizUG website, January 2014
A few tips and techniques for working with image files in Java, including making barcodes, QRCodes, PDF thumbnails, and extracting EXIF (location) information from a JPG.

Booleans and Bitmasks in Java and JavaScript
SocialBizUG website, March 2014
Tips for using boolean values and bitmasks as parameters in Java and JavaScript. In the comments on the original article someone dinged me for not talking about Enums, and that was an excellent point, but I didn't mention them because at the time I wrote this I was trying to be general enough so that the concepts would apply to both Java and JavaScript, and enums aren't a native construct in JS (although you can certainly fake it).

Using JConsole with IBM Notes
SocialBizUG website, May 2014
How to use JConsole to monitor memory usage of your IBM Notes client (and any plugins you're using).

The java.policy File in Notes/Domino
SocialBizUG website, September 2014
An explanation of how the java.policy file works with an IBM Notes client or an IBM Domino server: what it does, how to modify it, and tips and tricks for making changes.