Tools and Tips for Lotus Notes and Domino primarily features tips and tools and utilities for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino developers and administrators. Unless otherwise specified, all the tools and code available for download have been developed by Julian Robichaux, the author of this site.

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Most of the action is on the blog, although I've stopped blogging regularly. I primarily talk about about IBM, Java, or Lotus Notes, but sometimes stray in other directions. Since 2002.


Various tips I've written -- mainly Lotus Notes related, but there are some general things there too. Please note that ALL of the tips pages are pretty out-of-date. Most of the stuff is on the blog only.


A list of some of the sessions I've given at conferences over the past several years, along with download links to some of the code and slides that were used in the sessions.


The code on this site is spread out amongst the blog, tips, articles, and presentations pages. Someday I might consolidate it down into a list or something. You can also just do a Google search of this site.